The goal of sharing our journey is to drive positive change for medical hand-offs.  Join me as I share how Michael and I navigated the health care system, the side roads and landmines to stay on course, which now drives my commitment for change. 

On the cancer journey with my husband Michael, I learned how poor medical hand-offs are the landmines to derail patient care strategy and how they would catapult us on dangerous side roads. I document our journey and how we navigated the health care system to avoid landmines and to stay on course.

Our Health Care Journey

STRIVE The Health Care Journey

Our 30th anniversary and vow renewal were around the corner when an unexpected guest showed up – cancer. Suddenly, our life interrupted by cancer propelled our journey into high gear, but we resolved to strive forward in faith to light this blind path. Read More … 

STRIVE For Communication

On Monday Michael was in the hospital having excess fluid drained from his lung.  Questions flowed to the doctor and nurses as to what was the cause without any response.  This cryptic medical communications would begin our first hand-off challenge on our health care journey. Read More …