Standing Together Revitalizing Innovative Venues to Eliminate food insecurity for local children.

Did you know in Georgia that 1 in 4 children are food insecure, which places Georgia as the 5th most food insecure state in our country?

No Kid Hungry Organization

STRIVE Food works with school counselors and domestic violence caseworkers to select families to support during their difficult transition. We work diligently to provide a food program all year long for our local children so they do not experience food insecurity. It is important for our precious children to come to school on Monday with their minds set on learning, and not on their next meal.

Please join our efforts to eliminate food insecurity for our local children. We are seeking monthly sponsors for our STRIVE Food program to support our local children, our most precious resource. Our sponsors select how many children they would like to support. Our average sponsorship is 2 kids and our largest sponsor supports 6 kids.

We appreciate and are grateful for all the support of our sponsors. All STRIVE Partners will receive a Community Impact Statement to post on your social media venues.

Christmas Food Baskets

A bountiful food basket is presented to each family in our food program so they can enjoy a delicious meal and reflect on this joyous occasion.