Atlanta Lung Force 5k Run/Walk

With your participation and help, our LUNG FORCE Run/Walk will make a difference in lives that desperately need it. Register today, because now is the time to raise our voices against lung cancer—and for lung health.


STRIVE Michael is presenting a LUNG Force Hero story on Michael McClelland at the LUNG Force Expo in Atlanta, Georgia on September 20, 2016. Karen McClelland will present the LUNG Force Hero story and her daily commitment to make healthcare changes. She states, “One of my goals, as the Chair for the Georgia LUNG Force cabinet, is to increase the longevity for Stage IV LUNG Cancer patients with a “Hand-off Communications” tool. After all, the cure could be right around the corner. Please join our efforts to STRIVE IV cancer patients:

“Standing Together Regenerating Innovative & Vital Exchanges to increase survival longevity for Stage IV Cancer Patients”

LUNG FORCE Advocacy Day 2017 at Capitol Hill

Karen McClelland has been selected to participate with the Georgia LUNG Force Heroes to head to Capitol Hill in April 2017! Last year, 117 LUNG Force Heroes – representing all 50 states – came together in Washington, D.C. to learn how to make the case for lung cancer research funding on Capitol Hill. These Heroes … Continued

STRIVE Food Fundraising Event Success!

STRIVE participated in a fundraising event on October 1st, 2016 in support of Shepherd’s Rest Ministries. Shepherd’s Rest does amazing work in support of families out of domestic violence. The Event was a true success and reflected the joyful spirit of all. Our own Director even placed 2nd for women!